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Training & Placement

IPSM is maintaining a separate Training and Placement cell under a dedicated Training and Placement officer. IPSM is under a process and tying up with different Hospitals, Clinics, Diagnostic Centers,  Pathology labs all over India for the training and Placement of its students.

Students are being prepared as per the demand of the industry with regular mock interview, on job practical training and Personality Development Program.

The dedicated training and placement cell of IPSM is always in contact with students to provide necessary information for various training and placement requirements. IPSM training and placement cell always in a process of industry interaction, which is the sole responsibility of the IPSM. The Placement is the sole responsibility of students. IPSM is the facilitator for the Placement of Student.

Besides regular training by our own qualified experts, students are being sent for compulsory industrial training every year for a minimum period of 8 weeks in different hospitals, nursing homes, policlinic, diagnostic centre  and pathology lab.

IPSM provides a healthy competitive environment for each student to grow and be competent to face the competitive world with his/her own creativity.