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X-Ray Technician Diploma

April 09, 2022 200 people Latest news

A diploma in X-ray technology is a 2 years undergraduate course in India. It deals with electromagnetic radiation that enters the human body and depicts solid structures in photographic film. This course requires minimum eligibility of 10+2 with minimum marks or any equivalent. This course includes several hands-on sessions. The average course fee for this course is between INR 70,000-and 90,000 every 2 years. The admission process in this course is conducted on the basis of the candidate's performance in their high school exams. But, some institutes may include their entrance exam score. After completing the course, students can get the job likely X-Ray technician, Assistant X-Ray technician etc and alike in hospitals, clinics, medical labs, out-patient care centers etc. The admission process for the Diploma in X-ray Technology is conducted on the basis of the performance of the candidates in their high school examination.

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