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Cardiac Care Technology

Cardiology technologists learn how to insert catheters into a patient’s groin and thread them into the heart via blood vessels after first administering an aesthetic and prepping the patient. They also assist in balloon angioplasties. During these procedures, cardiology technologists are responsible for monitoring EKGs and vital signs.

Students acquire knowledge of both patient care procedures and medical technology. These programs require just a few weeks of courses. Coursework includes the training needed to record a patient’s vital signs, hook up an I.V. or maintain patient records. In order to enroll in these programs, students are required to have a high school level education, preferably with healthcare experience and a background in math and science.

India is now focusing its attention towards lifestyle diseases. Consequently a strong felt need has arisen for the availability of trained cardiac care technicians to be in place to reduce morbidity and mortality in the community. Certificate and diploma program in cardiac care technology has been conceptualized to teach the candidate the basic role of a cardiac care technician within a health care setting and usage of cardiac care equipment.

Course name Duration Eligibility
Diploma in Cardiac Care Technology 2 years 10th pass