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Optometry Diploma Course

June 05, 2022 153 people Latest news

Diploma in Optometry is considered a Diploma Program, that can find the best jobs in both Government or Public and Private Sectors. Optometry is the science of eye care including eye examination, diagnosis, treatment, and management of diseases and disorders of the visual system. The importance of a Diploma in Optometry is growing rapidly and thereby is increasing the job prospects in the field of Optometry. Today Diploma in Optometry is readily accepted in government projects. An optometrist plays an important role in society with regard to vision problems. They play a role in the prevention of visual problems by setting up camps at schools, rural areas various public places, in order to aware people, of their vision and possible complications. After qualifying Diploma in Optometry: optometrists work in opticians’ eye hospitals and clinics or with multinational companies dealing with vision care they can also specialize in vision disorders like color blindness, squint, low vision, vision therapy, Binocular Vision, and refractive errors in case of presbyopia. After gaining experience in private clinics and lens manufacturers they can start their own practice. It is known to be one of the top 10 income earning professions. IPSM INDIA is the best institute for Optometry Diploma Course.

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