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OT Technician Admission 2024

December 19, 2023 122 people Latest news

"What is an operating theatre technician?" may be on your mind if you're thinking about a career in healthcare. The expert in charge of setting up and maintaining operating rooms and their apparatus before to, during, and following surgery is known as an operating theatre technician. Additionally, they support the anesthetic and surgical teams throughout procedures and aid in the recovery of patients. Keeping tools and equipment for operations tidy and arranged, Verifying the patient's medical charts and records for errors before surgery, Throughout the procedure, keeping an eye on the apparatus and handing the surgeon the operational instruments, After surgery, cleaning the patient and the operating table, Making appropriate use of any leftover materials.

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  • OT Technician Admission 2024 in India
  • OT Technician Admission 2024 in Delhi
  • OT Technician Admission 2024 in Ludhiana
  • OT Technician Admission 2024 in Manipur
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